Ceremony of Light

Ceremony of Light

The Ceremony of Light for Confirmation children in 6th class, took place on Tuesday 6th of February at 7.30pm in St. Mark's Church.

The Ceremony of Light is a pre-Confirmation ceremony and is an important event in preparing the children for Confirmation. A key part of the service is when parents hand the lighted Baptismal candle to their child, acknowledging that their child is now ready to become a responsible Christian.

At their child’s Baptism, parents light the Baptismal candle from the Paschal candle, symbolising their commitment to pass their faith on to their child. In the same way, at the Ceremony of Light, parents once again light their child’s Baptismal candle from the Paschal candle and hand it to their child. In doing so, parents promise to help and support their child live out the call of their Confirmation. They are agreeing, together with their child, to keep the light of faith burning in all of their lives.

In preparation for the ceremony, all children created certificates with promises of things they are going to do regarding school, religion and home life. They also made their pledge regarding alcohol, and promised to steer away from drugs.

A number of children did readings, and a representative from each class brought up the certificates with their promises to Fr. Pat. 4th and 5th class choir members sang two beautiful songs - "Love Shine a Light" and "This Little Light of Mine".

A huge thank you and well done to all of the children and their teacher's for their hard work and preparation.

Confirmation Day will take place on Friday the 18th of May, 2018.

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